digital works

As a painter I’ve been working on digital images since the late ’90’s but never saw an oppertunity in how to use this as a medium as I do in painting. It took ages for an image to render and when it was done the result just wasn’t satisfying.

Nowadays everything works so much faster in terms of rendering, calculating images etc. that the process of creating itself becomes enjoyable. Intuition has always been key in my approach of creating. Now this has become a possibility with the tools available.

A visual world emerges and starts taking shape. Traditional painting incorparated with digital tools, merged intuitively, colorized and shapeshifted again and again untill a satisfying result has emerged.

Singularity – CiAZNR9xeF Bringing down the visual world into a grey embossed surface. Adding a singular shape giving another sense of being to a world which once was.

All images are high res. 1200dpi and can be ordered as digiprint on brushed aluminium.