As a painter I’ve been working with digital images since the late ’90’s but never saw how to use this as a medium within my art. It took ages for an image to render and when it was done the result was not satisfying.

Today, in the begining of the ’20’s pc’s/Mac’s are so much faster in rendering and calculating images that the process of creating itself becomes quite enjoyable. Intuition has always been key in my approach of creating. Now this has become a true possibility with the tools available.

The process starts with scanninging a small paintings from the Velvet Twilight series. I transfer these files to Photoscape X pro and start working on them. The end result of what you can create is amazing. So much that the works themselves have become autonomous works of art. I will never be able to paint what I can create digitally. so therefore they have my blessing.

I’ve been working on three collections. Available on as Nifties and can be purchased in Ethereum.

Velvet_Twilight is the first serie. 100 frames turned into a stop motion. Oil liquified into cryptoart

Velvet_Twilight 003

Coincidentia Oppositorum is a second collection of works. When opposites coincide point 0 is created. From here a visual world emerges and starts taking shape. Traditional painting incorparated with digital tools, merged intuitively, fractalized, colorized and shapeshifted again and again untill a satisfying result has emerged.

Coincidentia Oppositorum 016

Singularity – CiAZNR9xeF is the third collection. Bringing down the world created in the Coincidentia Oppositorum collection into a grey 3d surface. Added are singular shapes which give a new sense of being to the visual world which once was.

singularity CiAZNR9xeF008

All images are high res. 1200 dpi exxept on this page of course..

CLICK HERE for all three collections @OPENSEA

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